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5-Sep-2011, 14:23
My husband and I were just given some photography equipment from his grandfather, we think there are some pretty good lenses in the bunch, but not sure how to price them, I just wondered if anyone out there could help us. I've tried to do research on the internet, but it is overwhelming when you don't know exactly how to find the items. So here is the list of lenses;
Cooke Speed Panchro Lens No. 270339 75mm Pl2

Cooke Deep Field Panchro 100mm 4 in Fl2.5 No. 275464

Eleitz Wetzlar 4930

Wollensak Optical Co. Rochester NY No. 3 Optimo patent June 14, 1910 - Conley Anastigmat, Series VI F 4.5 5x7 No. 16995 Equivalent Focus 7 inches

Eastman Kodak - Aero-Ektar F2.5 7in 5x5 EA4004

Schneider optik Kreuznach Tele-xenar 1:5,5/360 2549116/748991

Dallmeyer Rapid Rectilinear 18x16 #23837 London

Besides the lenses there are some box camera, and tons of other developming equipment, couldn't name it all there are 6 big bins full of photography stuff.
Any help would be appreciated.

Richard Rankin
5-Sep-2011, 14:49
Where are you located? There might be someone nearby who could help you out.


Paul Fitzgerald
5-Sep-2011, 14:56
with used lenses, it's condition, condition, condition.

To check prices try eBay, scroll down the left side of the page to 'Completed listings', check the box and let the page recycle. Type in the name in the search box and click 'search' ( Tele-Xenar, Aero-Ektar, Speed Panchro, Dallmeyer, ect).

Have fun and good luck with it.

eBay LF lenses (http://photography.shop.ebay.com/Lenses-/3323/i.html?rt=nc&Camera%2520Type=Large%2520Format&_dmpt=Camera_Lenses&_fln=1&_npmv=3&_sc=1&_sop=10&_ssov=1&_trksid=p3286.c0.m282)

eBay Large Format (http://photography.shop.ebay.com/Film-Cameras-/15230/i.html?rt=nc&Type=Large%2520Format&_dmd=1&_dmpt=Film_Cameras&_fln=1&_mdo=Cameras-Photo&_mspp=&_pcats=69323%2C625&_sop=10&_ssov=1&_trksid=p3286.c0.m282)

eBay Vintage lenses (http://photography.listings.ebay.com/Vintage-Movie-Photography_Lenses_W0QQfclZ3QQfromZR11QQsacatZ101642QQsocmdZListingItemList)

Steven Tribe
5-Sep-2011, 15:02
Paul's advice is splendid!
None of these lenses will be difficult to find with an Ebay completed search.
You will have to write more than "E. Leitz Wetzlar" though!

Dan Fromm
5-Sep-2011, 15:06
The Cooke lenses are cult items. Originally for cine cameras, now chased by people who want to adapt them to small-chip digital cameras. The 100/2 Deep Field Panchro might -- great stress might -- bring several thousand dollars. Put them up on ebay.com in the vintage lenses section.

Of the others, the Aero Ektar might bring several hundred dollars if in good order. The TeleXenar might too.

No idea about the Leitz lens, you were too vague.

No idea what the Dallmeyer will bring, but lenses for ULF don't go for pennies.

Best thing to do is put 'em up on eBay with good pictures and accept what you get.

Wayne Crider
5-Sep-2011, 15:30
Jackie, it might be good to Google around and read about what to look for concerning judging a lens's condition. You can alternatively list your hometown here and see if there is someone local that can help you, but do offer to compensate them for their time. A person such as Dan in the previous message could literally save you hundreds of dollars, and in these economic times that can mean alot to some people. Overall it will make a difference in what you can ask in a sale whether thru Ebay, here or elsewhere. I would not list an auction ad on Ebay till I personally knew the price range they go in and if I should set a reserve price.

5-Sep-2011, 17:22
The Speed Panchro could go for something like:


Dan Fromm
5-Sep-2011, 19:03
The Speed Panchro could go for something like:

http://goo.gl/Zz5RvMaybe. The OP has uncoated lenses, the one you pointed at is coated. TTH started coating at an s/n somewhat higher that 350,000 and the OP's lenses have lower ones

5-Sep-2011, 19:15
Selling on Ebay will determine the value, at that moment. Another auction at the next moment may go somewhat lower, or higher. But the auction gives a reasonable chance to sell for approximately what the item is worth, if it is an in demand item. After you pay the Ebay, Paypal, and shipping fees, and wait to see if the buyer gives you good feedback, it's quite a gamble.

Less in demand items may fluctuate even more on the auctions. I follow lots of types of lenses and see up to 50% variance on some of them, auction to auction.

7-Sep-2011, 19:30
Thank you everyone for the very useful information, I think I will find an appraiser and get an accurate quote, as I have no clue as to the condition of the pieces, although the lenses look really great on all but the Kodak. So, I am very excited about what we've got. I would love to keep the whole thing together, but probably find it hard to find a buyer for the entire lot. Here is a youtube of all the items I catalogued, if anyone is curious.
Thanks again. Jackie

8-Sep-2011, 01:14
Dang, that's a really nice collection. I'd buy that Cooke Panchro if I could, but alas, that kind of money I don't have. :)

Steven Tribe
8-Sep-2011, 02:09
Condition of everything, judging from the slide series is rather less than average.
"Appraisal" doesn't really exist with these sort of items anymore. Prices are very much set by daily demand on ebay and your "appraiser" would just check for prices reached /not sold for completed items there.
The many smaller items could also find a buyer there - listing individually obtains the best prices, but would take time and better photographs. Do not attempt to clean the lenses!

8-Sep-2011, 05:43
So, I am very excited about what we've got. I would love to keep the whole thing together, but probably find it hard to find a buyer for the entire lot.

If you're looking to sell them, this is dead on. Your list of lenses are for so many different formats and equipment, you would make out so much better financially to split up the lot into individual items.
As stated before, with good photos and accurate, detailed descriptions, you could bring home a nice chunk of change from this lot if you do your homework and put in the effort.

8-Sep-2011, 05:56
Like Steve says, there are few, if any, official appraisers for old photographic equipment because it's a small market. Much of it here. If you look in the classified ads on this board and a few others, you'll see several rapid rectilinears that have sold similar to your Dallmeyer.

Also, like I said in my detailed PM, if you want to get the maximum, an auction on eBay will provide a reasonable sale. If you are worried about the 30% fluctuation I talked about, put it on a 30 day buy it now. If your price is too high, it won't sell...then lower it some. If your time isn't tight, you could basically spend a few months and get the best price...unless the world economy tanks more, or you wait a few years to sell, at which time there will probably be even fewer film shooters. As I told you, the Cooke cine lens is the one that is worth the most, followed quite a bit lower for the Dallmeyer, and the rest are worth little.