View Full Version : Beseler-16 Auto Print Processor

Thomas Haley
5-Sep-2011, 10:25
Hello everyone,
I recently picked up a free "Beseler-16 Auto Print Processor".
This is all the information I found on the tag,
Type-582 NR-2002
117V 1250W 60HZ
D-5900 Siegen 1
Made in West Germany
It seems everything is there, have not powered it up yet so as to the working condition, not sure. I have searched on the internet for information about this, but as of yet have not found anything. I was hoping maybe someone in here might know anything about this unit. I know it will print color images on paper but, that is all I know about it. Help please. Thanks

Dennis Hurley
18-Jan-2012, 08:22
Hi Thomas. Its been a while since your original post, but I was just wondering if you ever found the info you were looking for? Or if you still have it? I'm new to the site and just saw your post today.