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5-Sep-2011, 10:15
I bought a Korona 5x7 camera this weekend, in excellent shape. I would rate it at a A-.
The only thing missing are the original Korona film holders. I tried using a more modern
plastic 5x7 holder that I have. The holder does fit in along the vertical axis but not in the horizontal.

Does anyone have any suggestions or has worked through this issue before ?

Would anyone have any Korona 5x7 film holders that they would like to sell ?

Has anyone made or duplicated any original Korona film holders and would like to share
any construction tips ?


Louis Pacilla
5-Sep-2011, 11:21
Hi Charles

You may want to snap a photo of your camera and post it so we know what type of Korona 5x7 camera your using.

I know most all the Korona wood field cameras should accept modern holders. Some of the leather covered hand and stand cameras did not. At least not the early ones. They are different in shell size and they had the light rid on the camera and not the holders.

The bad news is they are nearly impossible to find on eBay so you may have to have someone like Richard Ritter convert the the camera back to accept modern holders.

Post a photo of your camera and you may get an accurate answer.

5-Sep-2011, 11:47
Thanks for the reply. Thanks for the suggestion to post a few photos.
According to the label on the front the camera is a 5x7 pictorial view camera.
The back can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, pretty cool I think.
After looking at the modern back more closely I realized that I could shave a small
ridge off of the holder allowing it to seat fully. Pretty cool again I think.
I'll post a few pictures showing the modified holder and of the camera for
anyone else that has the same issue later.