View Full Version : Wooden 13x18 plate holder...anyone?

5-Sep-2011, 08:13

I'm looking for something like this....

Image borrowed from Feepay

I think it might be one of those FKD Russian jobbies but correct me if I'm wrong.

I have the camera but no holder (No labels on the camera). None of my other holders fit or can be made to fit.

So I just wondered if anyone had one or two laying about somewhere spare that they might consider sending my way.


Ole Tjugen
5-Sep-2011, 11:18
That's not an FKD holder, but it might well be a German Reisekamera holder.

All are different, I'm afraid - it's best to find some that are slightly too large and machine them to fit.

5-Sep-2011, 12:45
Cheers, I had my suspicions.

Richard Rankin
5-Sep-2011, 12:51
That looks a lot like the holder for the German reisekamera I have. Mine is for 18cm x 24cm plates though.

Steven Tribe
5-Sep-2011, 13:07
This is exactly the design of my holders for a Curt Bentzin 13x18 reisekamera. As Ole said, there is some variation in the dimensions - more specifically:-

The tiny slot which is the locking system, half way down the top edge, varies a little.
The exact configuration and thickness of the end metal catches varies a little, too.
The indent in the mahogany edges is model specific, but there is is never more than 1-2mm difference.

In other word it is worth getting look-a-likes and whittle the mahogany on the indent and replace the metal wings until they fit. I have doubled up on my useable double holders from 3 to 6.
The design allows (or can easily be modified to) receive and lock down 5x7 film sheaths.

There is a budget FED 13x18 camera listed at the moment (without plate holders) and the back system (and therefore the missing plate holders) look to be exactly right for the type you illustrated.

5-Sep-2011, 13:48
Good luck with your search. I made my FKD usable by butchering the back and attaching a modern 5x7 spring GG.

Emil Schildt
5-Sep-2011, 15:40
need more specific mesures - in millimeters/centimeters if you can...

I'm sure I have some somewhere, but I have to look....

6-Sep-2011, 11:42
Hi Gandolfi, I'll measure the space in the back tomorrow, thanks.

8-Sep-2011, 00:39
Hi Gandolfi,

210mm x 160mm and about 6mm deep ish.

Fingers crossed.

Tony (Fourtoes)

Steven Tribe
8-Sep-2011, 01:41
Tony - there is something radically wrong with your measurements!
I have two different types of these made for 13x18cm plates.
The thickness of both is 18mm (there can't be room for a double holder in 6mm!).
My two have identical width, 154mm. Lengths vary a few mm but the shortest is 215mm.

8-Sep-2011, 01:46
Hi Steven,

As I havent got a holder I can only measure the space it will lift into on the back of the camera.
I will double check the measurements this afternoon but I believe them to be correct. The 6mm depth is the depth of the wood to the brass panel/flap that the holder slides into.
Its probably easier if I take an image to show you all.

I'll post it up this evening.

Steven Tribe
8-Sep-2011, 02:29
Yes I realised immediately that you had measured ground glass holder size - but "edit" was unavailable for a few minutes so I went elsewhere! Does it have a central locking tab that locks in the GG holder? Some do, some don't.

8-Sep-2011, 09:36
Ah didnt look for the locking tab...I dont think there is as the lock is just a metal flap that you put up and down rather then a lockable lever/switch

Here some pics...


Steven Tribe
8-Sep-2011, 11:19
First of all - do you know that your 13x18 is a dual mono/stereo model? - the four mounting fixtures for the central septum are in place.
Secondly, the end velvet strips are in bad shape and probably already give a light leak.
The tab shown is the "mounting flush" tab - the central tab stops the side movement when using the dark slides and sticks down in the GG as well as the film holders.

This is obviously a very high quality 13x18 reisekamera.

Ole Tjugen
8-Sep-2011, 11:43
Steven, I can't see the septum mounting tabs at all, I wonder if we are looking at the same pictures?

Steven Tribe
8-Sep-2011, 12:37
Not really tabs - just brass mounted square holes. You can see 3 of the four places in the top photo. It looks a bit odd because the back has been mounted in the portrait mode. At the back of the front standard you can see the midway front mountings which show up as a thin brass plate (mat black painted), secured with screws which cover a rectangular hole. Only the bottom rear mounting is visible - it is the dark rectangular hole in the middle. The upper one cannot be seen because of the photo angle.

The front top mounting is shown in slightly larger size in the third photo. It looks as though the locking system for the lens board is just behind the brass plate and hole!

Sorry I couldn't post a copy photo with arrows but this computer appears to have no picture editing facilities!!

Ole Tjugen
8-Sep-2011, 15:12
Oh? I see it as the mounting slot for the outer level of lens board - I assume this one has a two-way sliding lens board, like mine, with a "rear board holder" mounted to the front of the camera.

I see the things you are referring to, I just don't think they are what you think they are. ;)

Steven Tribe
9-Sep-2011, 01:28
Sorry Ole but I am absolutely sure!
Most of the mono/Stereo options have lost their central septums - perhaps they were only supplied as an extra? You can find a few versions on the UK early cameras site.
If you look at the thread "Who give advice about stereo tailboard cameras?" from last year, you will see almost identical fittings, front and rear, and how I made a central septum.
There appears to have been a 5 - 10 year period when many UK and Continental tailboard cameras were fitted with this option.
There is also the same fitment on my 18x24 reisekamera, which was covered up in the front as it had been fitted with a bespoke Grundner shutter for studio use.

10-Sep-2011, 04:33
Heres a shot of more of the back...


So, anyone got anything like this lying around? I could sure put one or two to good use.

Thanks in advance, Tony