View Full Version : 4X5 Speed Graflex electric cords

4-Sep-2011, 15:06
Hi! I need to locate two flashgun cords. One short cord for the Kalart Focus Spot, and the external Graflex sync switch that takes the two-prong male plug. Coil cord would be a plus.

Sirius Glass
4-Sep-2011, 16:09

4-Oct-2011, 13:33
Got my new cords from Paramount. Nice folks, but apparently have never seen a cord for the Kalart Focuspot. I made some modifications and it's a tight fit, but working. Sync cord, which they advertise, was also very tight, but all working now. They apparently don't test their cords on an actual camera when they are done.

Wayne Aho
4-Oct-2011, 17:07
One odd cord that seem to work is norelco shaver cords. They fit the two prongs on the focus spot, or some of the kodak shutters, and the household plug goes into the graflex light saber, or flashgun. I used to get these at goodwill, for a buck, then re-donate the shaver.