View Full Version : 14" for 16x20

11-Mar-2002, 17:00

Can any tell me if a 14" red dot Apo Artar will cover a 14x17 or even a 16x20?

Thanks in advance

N Dhananjay
11-Mar-2002, 17:05
Unlikely. The Artars typically have a narrow coverage angle of about 45 degrees. This means you should use a focal length equal to at least the diagonal of the format you are using (preferably a little longer). The 14" would be perfect for 8x10. For a 16x20, you would need a focal length of at least 24", preferably longer. Cheers, DJ.

Donald Brewster
11-Mar-2002, 17:06
Can't find my data sheet, but I'll give a down and dirty answer. My recollection is that it won't even if stopped down. Has narrower view than a Dagor.