View Full Version : Nearly there!!!!

11-Mar-2002, 08:49
Thankyou to everybody who has replied to my questions so far, I have nearly made up my mind to buy a MPP MKV11, it has new bellows,105mm lens,6x9 back. I am tra ding in an old Bronica ETRS kit as a straight swap. Just a few more questions!!!,1:Can I get a 6x7 back?, 2:Can I use my Cokin P fil ter system. 3:Are there any manuals out there?. (UK)4:Can I get a replacement gr id groundglass? I have also seen viewfinders that give you a right-side-up view, for other 5x4 c ameras, are they available for MPP. Cheers, Lee.

neil poulsen
11-Mar-2002, 08:58
Am I missing something, here? Trading an ETRS kit for an MPP seems a bit lobsided in favor of the person receiving the ETRS kit. The MPP could be a very nice camera, but assuming the ETRS is in decent condition, I think you could do better by selling the ETRS outright.

Andrew Crump
11-Mar-2002, 10:39
toyo do a 67 back (#140 secondhand ) ,does it have an old lens? filters may not fit ,ground glasses available -contact the club also re: viewers you could probably get a toyo one adapted -but they arent cheap regards Andrew