View Full Version : Kodak Color Printing Ektars - Anyone familiar with them?

3-Sep-2011, 14:23
Recently picked up a few Color Printing Ektars of various focal lengths...Is anyone familiar with this type of lens?

Searches haven't yielded much...

Apparently they are rare earth glass, and these do show the yellowing - from thorium??

These look to be process lenses...

Some have "Long Conj." and "Short Conj." on them, Does anyone know what this means?

They have threaded barrels, and what looks to be waterhouse type stops to fit within the barrels.

There is also a few sets of what look to be varying sized diopters? that thread onto the lenses - any info on these and use would also be appreciated.

I am going to experiment with them as taking lenses, but would like to know a little more about them if possible.

Thanks in advance,

3-Sep-2011, 14:43
Do they use the CAMEROSITY key (two letters, followed by a few numbers) for date code on the front bezel?
I'm curious about how old these are.

3-Sep-2011, 14:59
Do they use the CAMEROSITY key (two letters, followed by a few numbers) for date code on the front bezel?
I'm curious about how old these are.

Here are some of the numbers... (I have a dozen or so)


Would the first two be the year? and what would the numbers represent.


Dan Fromm
3-Sep-2011, 15:24
Dan, the CAMEROSITY code is

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

See, e.g., http://slideprojector.kodak.com/plugins/acrobat/camerosityDecoding.pdf

OO = 1966
RI = 1958
OC = 1961
OA = 1962

The numbers are sequence numbers and seem (great stress seem, I could be mistaken) to have been assigned by item type starting with 0 at the beginning of the year. So OO640 is the 640th whatsit made in 1966.

Printing Ektars were made for automatic printing machines as used in Kodak's own photofinishing labs. They're supposed to be heliar types. I used to run across complete sets at camera flea markets, believed that each focal length corresponded to a film format, e.g., 135, and a print format, e.g., 4"x6" but could be mistaken about that.

None would be useful as an LF taking lens except closeup.

Paul Fitzgerald
3-Sep-2011, 18:11
I have a few but they are newer, up to 1972. They are 4 element, air spaced, symmetrical 'Artar' type with lanthium or thorium glass and multi-coated. Great little lenses, the color saturation level is OMG. Really fine enlarger lenses.

"None would be useful as an LF taking lens except closeup."

Even then barely, small coverage. I would use the 125mm for 6x7 and the 157mm for 6x9 for general use to INF distance.

Have fun with them, they were the best on the planet in their time.

Dr Klaus Schmitt
3-Sep-2011, 19:10
... that Kodak made, sure ;)

Well the Printing Nikkors beat them hands down, but other than that I fully agree with Dan. Never found much use for the box full I have here...
The diopters were used to achieve a certain precise focal length; I also have some of them.

3-Sep-2011, 19:25
Thanks Everyone for the replies...

Couple I grabbed seemed to throw a pretty good image circle on the wall, thought they may work for taking....if not, I'll sure try a couple for enlarging.... (these were actually 'extras' in a computar and rodagon purchase)

Any ideas on the "long conj" and "short conj" on the ektars??

Thanks again,

Paul Fitzgerald
4-Sep-2011, 20:50
"Any ideas on the "long conj" and "short conj" on the ektars??"

these were for automated printing machines, not adjustable enlargers. It probably has to do with setting them up to focus in each machine with long or short mounting barrels. If anyone could find a service manual for the machines we could find out.