View Full Version : 81/4 dagor filter size

lee nadel
15-Apr-2002, 07:11
what is the filter size for a gold rim 8/14 dagor serial # above7xxx or where can i find the info thanks

15-Apr-2002, 09:51
Mine is 42mm slip-on (1 21/32) Series VI. This is actually a little tight, and quite difficult to remove; 43mm might be better. (Now if I could only find holders for my 12cm and 15cm Dagors.)

Leonard Robertson
15-Apr-2002, 22:28
My 8 1/4" Dagor No.801xxx takes a Tiffen #609 Series #6 adapter ring. I suspect the thread on this is about 1/2mm small as it is a slightly loose fit as it screws in, although it tightens up snug when it is threaded all the way in. You may be able to find one of these from a used dealer if Tiffen no longer makes it. I tried a Cokin A 40.5mm adapter and it is slightly too large. Leonard

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
19-Apr-2002, 10:08
A 6 1/2" WA Dagor I owned had, I believe, the same size filter, somthing between a 39 and a 40.5mm. My solution (surprise!) was to have Mr. Grimes fabricate a step-up ring to 55mm for $50.