View Full Version : Apo Nikkor 480 help

Allen in Montreal
2-Sep-2011, 17:30
Has anyone taken one of these apart to clean the dust from the inside surfaces?
There seems to be a fair amount of dust that has worked its way in via the filter slot I am guessing.

I shot a few sheets tonight and the film looks fine, but when I hold it up to the light, it is a little too dusty for my liking.


Drew Wiley
2-Sep-2011, 17:59
There were different series of these depending on when they were mfg. Mine is
relatively late and will easily screw apart at only one point for internal cleaning. If I had to actually dismount a lens element I'd send it to a tech.

Allen in Montreal
2-Sep-2011, 18:29
Thanks Drew,
This is the lens, Not sure of its providence, other than being razor sharp! :)
It does want to unscrew with just a twist.

2-Sep-2011, 18:54
The rear cell on mine unscrews from the barrel, its the thin ring behind the mounting threads,

Drew Wiley
2-Sep-2011, 19:13
Well, it certainly looks like the lens I have too. If it unscrews directlly, that should
be fine. If you need a spanner to remove the elements, I'd leave that to the pros.
But dust doesn't generally seem to get that far. I have a number of Apo Nikkors and
seem to have gotten the dust out of the filter slot of all of them, at least the ones
which had a previous life on a copy camera and needed the cleaning.