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Pierre-Luc G
2-Sep-2011, 10:29

I'm about to print on some large formats, mainly 20X24 and some 40X48. I will be printing in a lab for 3 weeks and I won't be near any photo store so I need to pack up on chemicals.

I need to know how many prints I can make per liters of developer and fixer. I'm planing on using Dektol and Kodak Fixer (not the rapid one) because they are both powder so it's easy to carry around. Paper wise I'll be working with fiber base made by Ilford, Bergger and Oriental.

If any of you know how I can calculate this or if there is a reference sheet somewhere on the web, please let me know.


2-Sep-2011, 15:01
Dektol, see: http://photo.net/black-and-white-photo-printing-finishing-forum/00KDMt

Kodafix is stated 100 8x10 prints per gallon of working solution mixed 1:7

2-Sep-2011, 23:35
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