View Full Version : Current FB Paper of Choice...

Greg Y
31-Aug-2011, 21:16
My stock of Fortezo and Forte Polywarmtone FB are almost out, although yesterday, I received a welcome gift of 100 sheets of museum wt 11x14. My developers of choice have been Formulary Ansco 130, Neutol WA, or Amidol. I've had good luck with Ilford warmtone on mid-tones & shadows but Forte prints so much more easily for me when there are lots of clouds or snow. Always selenium toned KRS 1:19. Still have Azo & Lodima for contact prints....but I seriously need to find a replacement enlarging paper.

I know we're down to just a few papers. What are your current standards? ...and why do you like them. I'm not a big fan of cold tone papers or very white paper base...although I've made some fine prints on Galerie. Thanks in advance