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Greg Y
31-Aug-2011, 20:59
My stock of Fortezo and Forte Polywarmtone FB are almost out, although yesterday, I received a welcome gift of 100 sheets of museum wt 11x14. My developers of choice have been Formulary Ansco 130, Neutol WA, or Amidol. I've had good luck with Ilford warmtone on mid-tones & shadows but Forte prints so much more easily for me when there are lots of clouds or snow. Always selenium toned KRS 1:19. Still have Azo & Lodima for contact prints....but I seriously need to find a replacement enlarging paper.

I know we're down to just a few papers. What are your current standards? ...and why do you like them. I'm not a big fan of cold tone papers or very white paper base...although I've made some fine prints on Galerie. Thanks in advance

Daniel Stone
31-Aug-2011, 21:33
I like the Efke(Emaks) graded FB (G3 in particular)papers, they're slower than Ilford, but tone very well, and have a nice, rich grey-scale. D-76 1+1 works well for me, but Neutol WA works great as well, and provides a little more warmth. It also tones very well in KRST. Split tones ok too w/ selenium/sepia(when I do that, not very often though)


31-Aug-2011, 22:34
I like Kentmere FP VC, but that is a much different paper than your current preferences in that it is much colder in tone.

I suggest that you buy several 8x10 packs of papers that are likely contenders from Freestyle -get Foma, Adox, Ilford, Kentmere, Oriental, Emaks. Make some prints of familiar negatives with your favorite developer and toner. Then do a blind comparison to see what you think.

Jeff Bannow
1-Sep-2011, 05:35
I know we're down to just a few papers.

I don't think that is an accurate statement. There are dozens of papers available still.

My favorite is Ilford Fiber Warmtone.

MIke Sherck
1-Sep-2011, 06:09
I agree with Jeff; there are a lot of different papers available. I also like Ilford Warmtone but I'm using more Foma paper these days as well.


Greg Y
1-Sep-2011, 06:27
Jeff, theoretically you're right. There are lots of papers. Practically, though, it's a little different. I can't get the same print tones & highlights in Ilford Warmtone that I could very easily on Forte. Multigrade FB & Gallerie aren't similar to Forte Polywarmtone either. I liked Kentona even though it was too contrasty for lots of my negs, and now it's gone too. From another point of view, I know i'd be printing on whatever was left if there was only one paper. Craig Richards from the Whyte museum made the switch to Foma several years ago and recently told me that that paper had changed and didn't print the same.

Jerald, you're right & i'll have to do that....but can anyone else comment on Emaks, Slavich, Foma, or Adox etc regarding their results ....slightly warm tone....not a blazing white base?

Jeff Bannow
1-Sep-2011, 06:29
That's true, all of the papers will be different. There is still a lot of choice out there though.

Greg Y
1-Sep-2011, 06:49
OK Jeff.....you're right......any recommendations based on what you're currently using?

1-Sep-2011, 07:15
I have tried Slavich, and found it woefully flat. Varycon is interesting, though far less countrasty than Adox or Ilford. I have not been able to get any good blacks with it (Dektol or Formulary 130, even with Benzotriazole added). I haven't retried Foma since I had a problem with edge staining (yellow stains on the paper margins). Oriental can be excellent in Formulary 130. Which Foma have you folks found promising?

1-Sep-2011, 08:26
For non-cold/non-white use, I like the Foma Fomatone Classic VC FB Cream. If white neutral is like plain milk, this is more like weak french vanilla ice cream look. It's not suitable for snow scenes; base color is wrong. But it is nice for other classic/timeless aesthetic.

1-Sep-2011, 09:08
The cheapest! Gonna give the Adroama box a try next.

Daniel Stone
1-Sep-2011, 09:10
D-76 1+1 works well for me...


what was I thinking, I meant dektol 1+1, not D-76, d'oh!


Gary L. Quay
6-Sep-2011, 03:38
I use mostly Ilford, but my favorite was the old Agfa MCC. I'm looking forward to trying the new Adox version, but I have to use up some more of my current stocks of paper first. The Fomatone papers are quite good, and go nicely brown in Selenium, but not as nicely as Polywarmtone. I miss that one too. I have a few sheets left of the Arista version of it, but no more after that.


6-Sep-2011, 08:31
Adox MCC in Edwal LPD :) :) :)