View Full Version : Shen Hao 4X5 with a 180mm f5.6 Symmar fine?

Adrian Ng'asi
7-Mar-2002, 18:29
From this very resourceful group, today my spanking new Shen Hao 45IIa arrived in my office and I cannot wait to get out of here!!!! Tha nks a lot for all who have posted reviews and their honest opinions. Previously I was using a Baby Pacemaker Speed Graphic and gain a resevoir of skills and fee l I am ready to try a 4X5. I own an old 180mm f5.6 Symmar lens that I am curious to know if it will cover a 4X5 without problem. Also, I have several other wide angel lenses but not sure if they will be a perfect match. I have a 65mm f3.5 W ollensak,127mm Ektar, a 101mm Ektar, and a 103mm f3.5 Xenar. Of all these lenses , which will be best to work with a 4X5 without any problems?



Douglas Gould
7-Mar-2002, 19:32

congrats!!Where did you buy the Shen Hao from? About what price range was it? (If that's too nosy, just ignore me), is it the model with rear shift and rise?

I'm envious

Adrian Ng'asi
7-Mar-2002, 21:30

I ordered the camera from Badger Graphics for $645 + other accessories. For the price it is a really bargain and the craftsmanship is very good (I have not touched or seen other wood cameras). I am extremely satisfied. I mounted my 180mm Symmar lens and checked for coverage and it is fine. I will recommend if budget is a constraint. The only thing the camera is a bit heavy but not as torturous as say working at Burger King or a mine.


Mark Wiens
8-Mar-2002, 23:04
Not trying to abuse the forum, but I'd like to sell my Shen Hao. I've used it only 2 times, but I prefer my monorail camera for most applications. Happy shooting, Adrian!