View Full Version : Hiking Lenses limitation - Xenar & Angulon

29-Aug-2011, 20:31
Recently after a trip hiking in Banff and Yoho National Park, I decided to get a set of light weight single coated lenses. I already loved the look rendered by older lenses on Kodak Medalist or Minolta Autocord and shoot only B7W so it was not much of a leap.
I was also ready to sacrifice some camera movement.

I acquired three lenses and took the obligatory test shot:

Schneider Xenar 210/6.1

Schneider Xenar 150/5.6

Scneider Angulon 90/6.8

I took all the shots without lens shade or filter in harsh sun or contrast. Not the best conditions for single coated lenses I guess.

All in all I am reasonably happy with the lenses. Definitely the size of all three lens makes for easy packing...