View Full Version : Darkroom supplies in Pittsburgh or Cleveland?

28-Aug-2011, 15:10

I've googled this and searched this website, and haven't found the answer. Are there any film/paper/chemistry retailers in either Pittsburgh, or Cleveland? I will be in these areas this week.

I am aware that MPEX is in Columbus, but my schedule won't cooperate for a trip to Columbus.

Thanks for any suggestions.

28-Aug-2011, 18:34
Campus camera in kent has some chemistry as well as van's camera in canton. Van's has some rc papers but neither has lg format film that I am aware of.

David R Munson
28-Aug-2011, 21:49
You might try the main, downtown Cleveland location of Dodd Camera.

29-Aug-2011, 04:53
In Pittsburgh try "http://berniesphoto.com/". I can't remember what the stock as far as darkroom supplies, but it was piled high with all kinds of interesting stuff. A couple Crown Graphics (I think) behind the counter. Try to make time for the "Photo Antiquities Museum" "http://www.photoantiquities.org/" just next door. I didn't have the time so I can't give details.

They are on E Ohio St on the "North Side". Close to downtown and the ballpark.

Good luck

29-Aug-2011, 12:41
Dodd in Cleveland.

29-Aug-2011, 15:48
Two thumbs up for Dodd Camera. I was very impressed
with this store. They had the film, paper and chemicals
I needed, in stock. Lots of studio lighting equipment
in the showroom, also. I have quite a bit to learn in the
lighting area. I highly recommend them, thanks for
the referral guys.

9-Sep-2011, 08:19
Sweetwater Center for the Arts is sadly converting its darkroom into a music studio. We have TONS of supplies and darkroom materials that we need to get rid of BEFORE September 30th. If you have any interest or know of someone interested we are ONLY asking for a donation in whatever amount for ANYTHING you may take from our darkroom studios. We have at least 9 enlargers, tons of chemistry supplies, some chemicals, a revolving door, and so much more. For more information please email us at info@sweetwaterartcenter.org and you are welcome to set up a time to check it out. We do nto want to throw this expensive equipment away!