View Full Version : Is Rodinal history?

27-Aug-2011, 20:05
Is Rodinal extinct?
I'm down to my last bottle, looked at BH didn't see it listed on line.....
Is the recipe/ingredients to mix it available?

27-Aug-2011, 20:06
Not from what I know.


"This is the exact same developer version as the world renowned Agfaphoto Rodinal you have come to love and respect. "

27-Aug-2011, 20:31
Thanks, I didn't see anything listed under Agfa, and became concerned!

27-Aug-2011, 20:33
No problem!

Roger Cole
27-Aug-2011, 21:11
Agfa has been belly up for some time. There are several products on the market now that are, essentially, Rodinal, at least in all but name. But there are at least two formulations of that an "original, older Rodinal formula" and a "later Rodinal formula." See this thread on APUG for even more confusion:


The good news is that yes, you can get it. Just have to figure out which one you want.

28-Aug-2011, 00:59
I use APH09 or something like that, made by ADOX and it seems to look, smell, and work the same.

29-Aug-2011, 17:39
Since Agfa Rodinal is no longer available, I have ordered and used Adox Adonal (from freestyle). I have a 10 year old opened bottle of the original Agfa Rodinal and I compared the results from both Adonal and Rodinal. They look the same, act the same. I have not smelled them or tasted them.

Tim Meisburger
29-Aug-2011, 19:32
Yes, they are the same. I think Rodinal is the oldest developer in the world, so assume if there was ever a patent it is long expired. I just bought two bottles from freestyle, as I use very little developer in a Paterson Orbital, and Rodinal is reputed to last forever.

Tony Evans
30-Aug-2011, 07:55
Available in Canada as "Blazinal".

31-Aug-2011, 05:22
Agfa Rodinal IS available-from me. I bought several cases before it went belly up some years ago. I'm still waiting for that investment to pay off, so let the bidding war begin. ;-)