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27-Aug-2011, 11:42
HI guys,
I'd like to know your opinion about this lens conditions.
I'm not an expert about lens separation so I don't want to make a mistake buying it.
What do you think seeing the last pic of the auction page?
It worth a bit?
Thanks in advance.


E. von Hoegh
27-Aug-2011, 11:46
I can't tell if it has separation or not from the photos. In the last picture I see a huge reflection of an overhead light.

As an FYI, this should be in the "Lenses and lens accessories" section. :)

Bob Salomon
27-Aug-2011, 12:01
You looking to use it for medium format or 4x5? It isn't a 4x5 lens. The Rodenstock 55mm 4.5 Apo Grandagon covers 45.

Dan Fromm
27-Aug-2011, 12:16
Giorgio, it doesn't look bad at all. Mine has rings of fire in both cells, is usable anyway.

I know people who have 58/5.6 Grandagons and claim that they just cover 4x5 but Bob's right. It was sold to be used on 2x3 Graflex XLs and 6x9 Linhofs.

Something to consider: as set up for the XL -- that's the lens on offer -- the shutter has no "T" setting, only "B", and no cable release socket. Focusing it on any camera but an XL -- in its XL mount it couples to the XL's rangefinder -- is very difficult. The XL mount has a cable release socket on the tube. I solved the problem by replacing the shutter with a #00 Synchro Compur I had in the drawer; the "new" shutter has a cable release socket. Oh, yes, getting the cells out of the original shutter required work by SKGrimes, one of the cells doesn't unscrew ...

27-Aug-2011, 16:41
Thanks for your answer guys.
I don't need it for a 4x5, it's for my Graflex Xl, I'm looking to find the complete set of lenses available at the time, anyway the lens cover the 3x4 format with no problem.
Regarding the conditions I think that I will make an offer on it, I would ask you someone to make an offer for me as the seller does not ship outside US.

PS: regarding the focus. the lens has a press focus function.

Dan Fromm
27-Aug-2011, 18:29
PS: regarding the focus. the lens has a press focus function.

It is in a Synchro-Compur #00. No press focus on that size. I just checked the shutter mine came in. None. Also no T setting. But you're not going to focus it through the lens, you're going to use the rangefinder so lack of press focus and T shouldn't hurt you.

28-Aug-2011, 02:12
Hi Dan,
thanks for your advice.
So, it is not the original shutter fitted as standard on the Grandagon/Graflex lens?
On all my manuals the 58mm is reported to have the Press Focus button, so which type of shutter was original fitted for the camera?
I would like to use the GG for focusing so...

Dan Fromm
28-Aug-2011, 03:28
Giorgio, the catalog says it is in "xl compur." See http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/graflex_19.html.

The shutter is, as I told you, a #00 Synchro-Compur. This is the original shutter for 58/5.6 Grandagons and the Linhof version the 58/5.6 Technikon. Re the Technikon, see http://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/1949393 Its shutter also lacks a cable release socket.

5-Jan-2012, 16:29
New to forum so be gentle.
I acquired a Rodenstock Grandagon 58mm that is in mint condition except
separation on the rear portion. The front lens and paint is in beautiful condition and hate to use it for a paper weight. Can it be fixed or should I find a different rear piece.
Is there someone that can work on these.

Dan Fromm
5-Jan-2012, 17:25
For disassembly and recementing, the highly recommended person is John Van Stelton at http://www.focalpointlens.com . I've never used Marc Nicholas (http://nicorep.pagesperso-orange.fr/uk/polissage.htm) but he offers a similar service. Ask both for estimates.

Mine has rings of fire front and rear, is still usable. Suggest that before you give up on yours or spend pots of money on it you try it out. It may surprise you.

There are other 60 mm or so lenses that are quite good and that cover 2x3. If you want to use your 58 on 4x5, remember that it barely, if at all, covers the format and certainly won't allow movements.

Individual cells are hard to find. I have a front cell with scratched front glass in the drawer. It is the only single cell for a 58 Grandy I've found in years of looking. Good luck at finding a replacement for your separated rear cell.

Mark Sawyer
5-Jan-2012, 18:10
The 58mm f/5.6 Graflex Grandagon for the Graflex XL camera definitely will not cover 4x5. I've got one and tried it. Yup, mine has what looks like a coating flaw between the rear elements, but it's probably separation. Doesn't hurt the image quality at all that I could see, though.

There is a 58mm f/5.6 Schneider Super Angulon XL that covers 4x5. There might be a different, later version of the 58mm Grandagon that covers 4x5.

5-Jan-2012, 18:42
Thanks Dan and Mark for the info
Dont have much in it and hate to see it not used by someone.

5-Jan-2012, 18:44
The Ring of Fire as its called is on the rear piece, maybe I can trade on a 90 or something I can use for the 4x5.