View Full Version : Photographer builds digital sensor for his LFC

Janice Eddington
26-Aug-2011, 13:04
I guess if you have the money you can have a custom one made for your LF 8x10 to replace your polaroid back.

Article is here:

Ivan J. Eberle
26-Aug-2011, 17:50
Hundreds of thousands of dollars to prototype a 10 megapixel 8x10 full frame sensor? Call me dubious. Either the article is 15-20 years old (maybe not--there's an iPhone in the accompanying pic) or the fellow is completely daft (err- could be), or it's all complete and utter bullshit good for a laugh (and I'm sort of glad it's at his expense--not mine-- and such a great expense at that!).

Daniel Stone
26-Aug-2011, 18:04
this has already been a topic on here for a few days now,

HERE (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=79815)