View Full Version : Shen Hao Bag Bellows: Maximum focal length?

26-Aug-2011, 08:23
Hi all,

currently shooting with a Shen TZ45IIB and its leather bag bellows, as I've so far used a 90mm lens, exclusively. However, I'd like to go a bit more "normal" without having to changing the bellows when swapping lenses, hence my question: what's the maximum focal length that would still be useable? The folks on APUG say that even a 150 is ok with it, can anyone else confirm this? ( http://www.apug.org/forums/forum44/26636-shen-hao-4x5-bag-bellows-usage.html ) I'd probably try to get something in the 115 - 130 range.

Thanks! :)


26-Aug-2011, 09:11
I have used my 150mm on it once. Cannot remember for sure but thought I tried my 210 at infinitiy but then again it might be just old age.

26-Aug-2011, 15:33
and did the 150 work ok?

3-Sep-2011, 02:03
I have Shen Hao HZX45 IIA, and i am using 150mm with it, it is working more than fine, later will try 90mm when i will buy it, i tested my friend 65 SA old one and i can focus only when i squeeze the bellow so i need a recessed lens board and no movements, for that i think that 90 XL will give me enough room for movements and no need for recessed lens board, another longer lens over 90mm i have to check the image circle, some can cover better than 90mm XL and some not, in all cases, i have to modify my bellow if i get a lens with less IC for 4x5 coverage.

4-Sep-2011, 05:40
My Shen Hao HZX45 IIA, focuses around 5 inches/127mm or 13 on the focus scale with a 150MM lens for normal landscapes. Extend and measure your bag bellows to see if the 150 works at this approximate distance. The extension for a 210 will be much longer and may cause issues.

gari beet
4-Sep-2011, 08:53
I had a non folder that had these bellows and could focus a 180 symmar to about 3-4mtrs no problems. I think the full reach was a little shy of 200mm from glass to lens panel.