View Full Version : Copal 0 repair??? Or replace?

Jim Andrada
25-Aug-2011, 20:30
I have a Copal 0 shutter that seems to work perfectly. Only problem is that the threads for the shutter release cable appear to be stripped or cross threaded and cable keeps falling off. Is it possible/pricey to have it repaired? Who could do such a repair?

25-Aug-2011, 20:42
That doesn't sound like an expensive repair to me. It could either be rethreaded or maybe you can buy the part.

Kent in SD

Jim Andrada
25-Aug-2011, 21:08
I'm not averse to clamping the part gently and re-threading it using a drill press for alignment (turning the tap gently by hand of course) if I knew the thread size and where to get an appropriate tap.

Jon Shiu
25-Aug-2011, 21:17
I believe you can get the part from B&H. Or you could glue a extension cable release into the socket, or a swivel adapter.


Jim Andrada
25-Aug-2011, 21:20
Swivel adapter??? Do you have a link?

Jim Andrada
25-Aug-2011, 22:44
Hi Jon

You were right. I found it at B&H. Problem (hopefully) solved.