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24-Aug-2011, 07:34
Has anyone had the occasion to look through a one piece vs two piece Linhof reflex finder? The housing on the two piece more modern finder is small, has a small mirror and somewhat obstructs the clean view of the groundglass unless you press your eye mighty close into the rubber eyecup. Also, because of my age and my eyes, I need to wear some reading glasses with the reflex finder or add a +1 diopter which makes matters worse. So, I'm wondering if the older one piece has a larger mirror and a larger view of the groundglass.
thanks for the help.
Robert N.

24-Aug-2011, 08:09
Are you sure the one piece has a mirror at all?
the t-20 and t-21 are quite different, with the t-21 being a straight on viewfinder and the t-20 being a mirror image.

24-Aug-2011, 09:01
Yes, Linhof made some earlier models that were one piece REFLEX finders that had a mirror. The later models were made of two pieces. They also made some straight inline viewing bellows and a hard plastic inline viewer.
What I'm trying to find out is: is the mirror larger and the eyepiece different enough in the older one piece models that an old guy like me might be able to see through it better - see post number 1.

24-Aug-2011, 09:40
My bad. I got confused between my Cambo viewer an the Linhof. I found this link which shows the two piece and it looks 1960's. Never heard of the one piece, but how do you change from portrait to landscape view?
but you know this.
Maybe PM PeterK?
I found it here in a B&H catalogue
www.bhphotovideo.com/.../Product.../Section03bLgFormatView.pdf ( the link doesn't work)

google "linhof reflex finder one piece" and its on the first page
The item itself is about 1/2 way down

57 Right Angle Reflex
Attachment (002507)
With fixed reflex housing for
vertical viewing. Built-in 2x
magnifier covers full groundglass
Item # LIFR57................713.50

Has the same 2X viewfinder.

24-Aug-2011, 10:35
No big deal, thanks, I appreciate the help.

Bob Salomon
24-Aug-2011, 10:46
The reason they went to the 2 piece finder as that the eyepiece can be placed where it is most convenient for viewing. Think about it. With the one piece you look down into it for vertical compositions but when you rotate the back for horizontals you have to look into it from the side. With the 2 piece you just set the eypiece back to the top.

Or maybe you are shooting from overhead. With the 2 piece you can place the eyepiece facing down so you can still look into the finder from below. Either horizontally or vertically.

In addition, since the mirror part comes off at the twist of a lever, the body part form a very effective viewing hood when you want to get a loupe in their and not use a dark cloth. Or you can swing the whole thing down on its hinge so you can get right to the ground glass.

I have no problem using the current version (last 30 or 40 years) wearing continuous trifocals. Just be sure that the camera has a Fresnel screen to use the reflex finder.