4-Apr-2002, 01:07
Howdy LF friends! Today, I received a few lens boards that I had ordered 'used' but in excellent c ondition. I have the toyo 45 AII field, and the omega (toyo) 45F monorail view. one of the boards is much smaller than previous boards. It has toyo-view as part of the casting or stamping on the inside but the board is only 96 cm across ins tead of the 110 cm across like all my others. The 42 hole is perfectly cut BUT is off center. what gives?????? Is this one for one of the very early toyo field cameras. It certainly won't fit my cameras... The typed label that it came with says its for the toyo field 45a 42 hole. The typed label that came with the other board which looks normal, says its for the toyo field 45a 35 hole. its the correct 110 cm across. thanks for your input guys!


Thomas Vaehrmann
4-Apr-2002, 02:16
If it's size is 96x99 mm it could be a Linhof-Technika lensboard. They used to have an excentric hole.

4-Apr-2002, 03:10
Thom., Just as you said, its 96 by 99 mm, (not cm) but it has TOYO-VIEW as part of the casting on the back side.!!!On the side closest to the hole, it has a notch in the center 2mm wide and towards both ends on the same side are larger notches 11mm wide, and outboard of the large notches at the corners of the board on the notched side are 'clipped off' ends about at a 30 degree angle... any clue????? m.

Ole Tjugen
4-Apr-2002, 03:16
From the description, it sounds very much like a Linhof Technica 4x5 board, but I don't know if Toyo have ever used this. The hole is below the center line because Technikas didn't have front fall or back rise.


Bob Salomon
4-Apr-2002, 14:31
"because Technikas didn't have front fall or back rise. "

But the TK does adepending on the 45 or 23 model.

Both have back rise and the 45 has 0.8" of lens drop.

Of course the TK uses the same Technika lens board as did other Linhof cameras with lens drop back rise. The Kardan Standard being another example.

Linhof TK/Technika boards have the hole positioned so that when the front standard is at the 0 position the optical center of the lens is centered on the middle of the ground glass with the back at the 0 position.

This assures the user of symettrical coverage in any direction. Especially important with lenses with fall off that may need correction like a WA lens.

Walter Glover
4-Apr-2002, 18:06

Bob is 100% correct.

Toyo list lens panels and adapter panels for various other makes including Graphic and Sinar.

There is a Toyo to Linhof adapter panel that would allow use of the smaller panel.

Walter Glover