View Full Version : age of Rodenstock lens?

John Laragh
3-Apr-2002, 08:44
Anyone know an online source to find age of Rodenstock lenses? Tried the Rodenst ock sites but didn't see anything. Have serial number.

Bob Salomon
3-Apr-2002, 09:46
Yes. You send me or call me, with the number.

3-Apr-2002, 09:58
We have all the production serial numbers from 1910 to 1998 on file. Just email.

Kerry L. Thalmann
3-Apr-2002, 11:31

Would it be possible for you to post this information on the HP web site (or ask Rodenstock to post it on theirs). Schneider has had their serial number data o nline for years. It is a valuable resource and I consult it whenever I am consi dering purchasing a used Schneider lens. I have a hard copy that I take with me to swap meets and used equipment dealers. Since such info obviously exists, it would be nice if it was readily available for Rodenstock lenses as well.

Thanks, Kerry

Jim Galli
5-Apr-2002, 01:02
I second what Kerry says. I've made a PDF file of Schneider's age page and seem to use it all the time. Something similar for Rodenstock and Nikon would be an excellent resource. Kerry's research has shown that Fujinon is pretty much a lost cause for accurate age data.

John Laragh
5-Apr-2002, 09:55
Thanks all for responding. I did not find a list posted anywhere, but I emailed Badgergraphics (second response) with serial number and they wrote back quickly with approximate age of lens (within four years).

Kerry L. Thalmann
5-Apr-2002, 16:10
Production Dates for Rodenstock Lenses:

Year of Production Serial Number (up to)

1910 50,000 1920 200,000 1930 400,000

1935 700,000 1938 900,000 1940 950,000

1945 2,000,000 1952 2,500,000 1954 3,000,000

1957 4,000,000 1961 5,000,000 1966 6,000,000

1971 7,000,000 1973 8,000,000 1974 9,000,000

1977 9,500,000 1979 10,000,000 1984 10,500,000

1991 11,000,000 1993 11,150,000 1994 11,231,713

1995 11,294,073 1996 11,358,165 1997 11,407,513

1998 11,468,541