View Full Version : Rebuilding Eastman view No. 1, help needed

22-Aug-2011, 08:27
The rebuilding has gone on well, since most of the parts were there. I have not figured out how the camera section with the viewing glass is locked into a vertical position. I have 2 brass pieces with a flatted portion on the head and a knob which seems to go under the swivel section, but does not do anything.the indicator arrow for plumb is also missing. if anyone has asketch of what it should like it. I would really apreciate it.
Thank you in advance.

Joe Smigiel
22-Aug-2011, 09:54
Perhaps this webpage devoted to the camera will help:


23-Aug-2011, 09:16
Thank you Joe, Great web site. I still can't figure out how the viewing section is stopped from tilting.

25-Aug-2011, 10:18
The main "box" pivots on a "peg" from the center of the rear standard. At the bottom of the box is a geared mechanism to control the degree of front or back tilt... or to center the ground glass/film squarely to the front standard.

25-Aug-2011, 16:24
There is no geared mechanism for the tilt on my camera. Only a hole on both sides for a knob and a round headed bolt which has a portion of the round head flatted. Loose or tightened it does nothing to lock the view section. thanks for responding.

Fred Haeseker
2-Sep-2011, 14:18
On my Ansco 8x10, which also has no vertical tilt stop for the rear standard, I use a small spirit level on the rear standard to get it exactly perpendicular, then do the same for the front standard and adjust the tripod leg in front if necessary. Takes a while, but it works for me. No 8x10 is the kind of camera for which quick adjustments make a big difference.

2-Sep-2011, 15:10
Can you post photos?