View Full Version : VERITO f/6 soft effect

22-Aug-2011, 04:52
I am considering to buy for my 6x9 a small Verito 6 1/2" lens with f/6... but I have one doubt related to image effect I will get with f/6. I have seen some pics made with Veritos (also in "Verito Picture Post") which were made at f/6, and some look great and seem to "keep" that beautiful Verito's glow and softness, and some show substantial degradation according to what the lens does with f/4. With f/8 images are almost as sharp as made with non soft focus lenses. I am uncertain what can I expect with f/6 Verito on 6x9, that's why I wait with buying decision. Any suggestion, help?

BTW. Wollensak made also 6 1/8" f/4 Verito... was not it the reason the f/6 version was too "sharp"?

Louis Pacilla
22-Aug-2011, 08:43
Here's my take on the f6 Verito and I believe this was Wollensaks takes as well.Most times the diffusion of the f4 Verito was a bit to much so most practical work was done at f6 . So by starting at f6 it would suggested that shooting wide open with this model is fine.

Maybe you will want to read the link I have added. Wollensak speaks openly about the two smaller sizes A & B models that are both f6 and in shutter. They were designed for use on hand cameras like Kodak folders and are equal in diffusion as a F4 Verito set at f6. If you like the images you have seen shot from a f4 Verito set at f6 then you'll like the results of the f6 Verito shot wide open.

Mark Sawyer
22-Aug-2011, 09:06
If you look in the 1928 Wollensak catalog (also on Seth's site!), you'll see that there was also a 6 1/8-inch Verito that was f/4. A personal observation: as you enlarge a negative, you correspondingly enlarge the diffusion effect, although it's not quite a direct translation.

The small Verito's are rare, so you may have to take whatever version you find.