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21-Aug-2011, 20:49
Can anyone give me the name of a good reference book on shutter repair? I've been repairing lenses with separation using Canadian balsam and feel ready to tackle shutters. I've cleaned a few of my own to get out the gunk and have them up and running.... but I'd like to get into some speed adjustment, simple repair, etc... Thanks, Bill

22-Aug-2011, 07:43

Which ones in particular are you looking into? You can try:




The former also has links to other sites. The latter has a lot of good graflex/graphex/rapax info. If you come across anything for Copal 0 or 1, please let me know. I believe I have, somewhere, a repair manual for Compur shutters, and something for dial set compurs.


23-Aug-2011, 17:25
I have a Schneider SA 165/8 with the compur shutter. While I'm not afraid to dig into a shutter mechanism, I'm just stumped how to take the whole thing apart. The front element doesn't just "unscrew" -- there's something holding it in place. Anyone have instructions to take this lens apart?

It's the one that some refer to as having "armour plating." Not the version in a copal 3m the "Schneider Compur-(Special) Mount."