View Full Version : Sepia filter effect on B&W film

Lachlan 717
21-Aug-2011, 19:24
Anyone ever used a Sepia-coloured filter for B&W?

Wondering how it compares, say, to a red filter for landscapes.

Mark Woods
21-Aug-2011, 19:34
Sepia is a combination of red and yellow to make the brown. Could be very nice.

22-Aug-2011, 04:59
Look at the color wheel; it will darken opposite colors and lighten similar colors!

If you have PhotoShop and a scanner, scan the filter on a white piece of paper, take the CMYK or RGB values of the filter once you have set the correct white levels then open up the Kuhler color program in Photoshop and see for yourself the exact opposite colors and the similar colors right there on screen!