View Full Version : Packard shutter installed in Chamonix 4x5?

Jeff Bannow
21-Aug-2011, 10:24
Anyone think this can be done? I have one front mounted right now, but would love to get something permanently installed. Is this a pipe dream?

21-Aug-2011, 11:12
get a packard box...adapt an older deardorff one--you can then fit decent sized lenses on it--packards are big compared to the hole....talk to barry the deardorff guy--he's got packard boxes up to 8" I believe---6" best for you---make an adapter board to UPsize from your board to the 6" board---maybe a junk deardorff front standard will do....or clamp a deardorff front standard to the front of the camera--make a bellows section that goes where your lensboard goes...all kinds of methods I can think of...inside the camera, you'r hole size limited by the tiny packards that will fit...and you'll ruin the camera with holes

21-Aug-2011, 13:46
Doesn't moxom use one?

21-Aug-2011, 17:26
Packard made a variety of small Shutters. You can mount one on the back of a board and build up a front to accept another board. If that scares you I can build one for you too.

Jeff Bannow
23-Aug-2011, 11:13
Thanks guys!

23-Aug-2011, 12:13
As long as you're looking at options, a Sinar Copal shutter wouldn't be bad either.