View Full Version : Praise for SK Gimes. What Great Service

Douglas Gould
26-Feb-2002, 21:52
Well, the Copal shutter that I "just couldn't leave alone" is back! You remember , the one I took apart with wild abandon, screws and springs flying!!

I e-mailed SK Grimes about my little do-it-yourself excursion into the bowels of the shutter, and he replied: "no big deal, send it on"..

Just 10 days or so later, I get package from them. The invoice says: "recieved, one Copal #1 shutter, taken apart, tape holding together. 1 small box of various parts, blades, screws, retainer, etc"

Then, work done: "Re-assembled and repaired shutter received in parts, cleaned, lubed and adjusted all to good working order"

I won't quote the charge, only say that it was SOOO reasonable!! Certainly less than I would have paid for a good working used one.

Here is the best part: they never even called to ask for payment, just sent the whole thing back (with the lens installed on the shutter, elements now spotlessl y clean) with an invoice. Completely trusting that I would pay!!!

Oh, and get this....the little box I sent the various parts in came back to me a s well, empty of course. (for those fans of "gotta have a part left over"...I di d find one tiny screw on the dinner table 2 days after sending the thing to Grim es, so the universal balance of left over parts is preserved!)

Mr. Grimes, you are a gem. May only good customers come your way!

Dave Benfer
26-Feb-2002, 22:33
Grimes is GOD!

Alan Cecil
26-Feb-2002, 23:05
Which reminds me...I need to send Mr. Grimes my Commercial Ektar to be checked and mounted.....

Merg Ross
27-Feb-2002, 00:17
I have used the services of Steve on several occasions, (last year a rush) and have referred colleagues to him. I anticipate the use of his services again soon and believe that your experience of satisfaction is not unique. Thank you Steve. Merg Ross

Jonathan Brewer
27-Feb-2002, 00:27
Tells you the simplest most cost effective way to solve a problem. Honest and assumes that you are honest too and won't bill until the works done. All you need to do is tap his experience, the best.

David R Munson
27-Feb-2002, 01:10
He mounted a lens into shutter for me a little over a year ago and the guy simply cannot be beat. Nice guy, great service, reasonable prices. I have nothing but good things to say about Mr Grimes.

Robert J. Triffin
27-Feb-2002, 01:52
In addition to being widely - and justifiably - regarded as the world's preeminent large format repair and cumstomization specialist, Steve is also a decent human being. Everything about Steve and his work is reiminesent of a refined and old world master craftsman whose unsurpassed work products are the ultimate testimonials.

With Steve, the large format community has the mechanical counterpart of Richard Knoppow; the two ultimate authorities on most large format photographic matters.

Chad Jarvis
27-Feb-2002, 08:28
Ditto on all accounts.

Scott Walton
27-Feb-2002, 09:28
He has been a guru around these parts for years! To be honest with you, the job he did for you doesn't come close to what he really can do with lens and shutters!!!

J. P. Mose
27-Feb-2002, 10:03
Steve recemented an Ektar for me on a Super D Graflex. It's as good as new and the price was fair and reasonable! S.K. Grimes' service is commendable, along with Focal Point Lens Inc.

David O'Connor
28-Feb-2002, 09:48
This cat Grimes is a bad motherSHUT YOUR MOUTH But I'm talkin bout Grimes!

John Elstad
3-Mar-2002, 03:57
...He's a shutter-fixin' guy, and no one is his equal in large format -- Steve Grimes!

With apologies to Isaac Hayes and this wonderful forum. =)