View Full Version : 58mm SA XL, CF, B+W slim filter--mechanical vignetting?

31-Mar-2002, 23:21
Does anyone have actual experience with the following set up:

58mm SA XL with the Schneider center filter (67mm thread on back/86mm thread on front) with a B+W 86mm thin filter?

Will there be any mechanical vignetting?



andrea milano
1-Apr-2002, 07:44
why don't you use the other filter at the Back(ok there is a possibility of focus shift......) there you have no vignetting, by the way this will happen mor or less if you tilt/shift the lens panel more or less so the answer to your question is very complex. Good Luck

Bob Salomon
1-Apr-2002, 09:06
"use the other filter at the Back(ok there is a possibility of focus shift"

No there is a focus shift.

There is also a loss of performance. little losses like resolution and contrast.

1-Apr-2002, 20:39

I can't put the filter behind because it is a Wratten 89B for infrared--it is almost opaque. And, I don't want to mess with focus shifting...


1-Apr-2002, 20:39

So what do you think? Vignetting or no?


Bart Langenaken
19-May-2002, 16:33
I have a Schneider 47/5.6 XL with centerfilter. Recently I bought B&W filter 86mm in Slimversion MRC-coating. I have no vignettering on my sheets when I use both filters together. So I presume you can also use this filter on your 58 XL with centerfilter.