View Full Version : What Pack or Case for 8x10 Chamonix ??

19-Aug-2011, 05:51
Wondering what sort of pack or case have owners of an 8x10 Chamonix found useful. I've seen some parts of photos on this forum where someone was showing their camera but have not figured out what case people found useful. Prefer a soft or semi-soft pack that would hold a camera and a couple of holders. Probably transport lenses etc in a second case, but I open to suggestions. I'n not a back packer and would not be carrying stuff very far - just want to move it from the truck with some ease.
thank you very much.
Robert N.

Drew Bedo
19-Aug-2011, 07:08
I have an Eastman View 2-D. I store and transport it in an older model LowePro Super Trekker AW. They make these bags to a pretty high standard and they are well designed. I am older now, and if I were to buy a new bag, I'd look for one with the built-in wheels.

This bag loads up with the camera, one lens, 2-3 film holders and the small things (loupe, meter, etc). At times I bring additional gear in another bag. Sometimes I use a modified golf bag cart (to move the big wooden tripod). I do not back-pack this 8x10 gear more than a short way from the car.

If I have to ship this kit anywhere, the loaded bag goes into a hard-shell Pelican case, as-is, and travels fine.

There are other really good bags from other companies out there. I can't think that one or another is better for one brand of camera or another.

A large format iconn (Weston?) is reputed to have said, “anything more than a hundred yards from the car is just not that interesting.”

William Whitaker
19-Aug-2011, 10:11
Take a look at the Tenba Car Case CC15 (http://www.tenba.com/products/Transport-CC15-Car-Case.aspx#overview). Interior dimensions are 14x14x8.75. Probably room for the camera, two or three holders and a dark cloth.

19-Aug-2011, 12:12
I like that one. 4 pounds is good!