View Full Version : schneider110mmXL really need CF?

vic blount
17-Feb-2002, 20:00
Am new to this forum- you guys are great! Do I really need a CF on the Schneider 110mmXL? Its tagged expensively enough without the extra $$$ for the CF. Would the NikkonSW in about the same focal length be a Better Cost/Lens ratio. Oh man, will it need a CF too? regards

Mark Windom
17-Feb-2002, 20:05

What film and format are you shooting? I have not found it necessary with 4X5 even when using considerable rise and shooting transparency film.

vic blount
17-Feb-2002, 20:20
Mark, 4x5- Ilford Delta BW and Kodak E100VS rollfilm.

Ed Burlew
17-Feb-2002, 20:36
I ahve a 120 Nikon SW and I use it for 8x10 B&W and there is no need for a centre filter. (Notice the Canadian spelling of cent"re"). I have not shot transparencies for publication , but if you could send me 10 sheets of Fuji Velvia to test I would determine the need for a centre filter.( Yes,it doesn't make sense that the Canadian spelling of cent"re" is not consistent with the Canadian spelling of filt"er").

P.S. Send a couple of bucks for the processsing at Steichen Lab too.

paul owen
17-Feb-2002, 21:03
No, unless you plan on using it for 5x7 with movements.

jose angel
18-Feb-2002, 07:21
I never missed it. Don't worry about it (if you shoot 4x5).

John Elstad
18-Feb-2002, 07:53
Yet another vote for CF abstinance (note the American misspelling of abstinence =) ). The rule-of-thumb that I've heard for 4x5 is that anything >= 90mm was okay without a CF. I'm sure I'll be corrected shortly if I'm wrong.

William Stone
18-Feb-2002, 10:15
Vic - Personal preference on this issue, but after viewing the first handful of chromes with my new 110XL a while back, I decided it really needed a CF. I primarily shoot Southwest American landscapes on Velvia - with a lot of big sky scenes. The corner darkening was, to my taste, problematic with scenes that include a lot of evenly lit skies - typically clear, blue skies.

I have not done extensive testing to determine how movement- or aperture-dependent the phenomenon is. I simply decided to get the CF and that has taken care of the problem. I'd prefer not to have to use it - using other filters with it is a hassle, it makes ground glass viewing darker (of course, I can keep the filter off until ready to expose, but I tend just to leave it on the lens), and it added $$ to the configuration. But, it did resolve the problem for me.

Obviously, some folks feel the CF is not required - you may have to determine that for yourself, depending on your application. This issue has been discussed previously on this forum, so you may want to look back at older postings to get a handful of other ideas.

Good luck...Bill

William Stone
18-Feb-2002, 10:23
Vic and all - Sorry, I just posted my thoughts re: CF on the 110XL on 4x5 - -without having had enough coffee yet. The experiences I shared were regarding the Super Symmar 80XL, with which I do use the CF. I agree with others that you should NOT usually need the CF on the 110XL on 4x5...although I do have a few chromes taken with the 110 on 4x5 including evenly illuminated sky that show a very slight darkening towards the corners...and I have actually used the CF from my 80 (Schneider says to use the same filter for both) on the 110 for a few scenes. But, I don't think it is needed very often. The 110 is a great lens! Now back to the coffee pot....apologies....Bill