View Full Version : CF follow up!

paul owen
11-Feb-2002, 14:54
Thanks for the replies to an earlier posting on which centre filter I needed - I went for the IIIc. I thought some of you might be interested to know that whils t sorting out this purchase with Robert White, I happened to mention that I was also looking for a 77mm Orange filter (for b&w). Hoya HMC (that I usually buy) O range filters retail at about #52.00 here in the UK, but I asked if Robert could tell me how much it would cost for say, a Heliopan (better quality I thought). Imagine my surprise when he replied that he has a shipment of the latest B+W MRC filters at good prices. I still waited for the shock of the price.....#45.00 UK pounds!!!!! This is less than half the RRP!! and a whole #22.00 UK pounds cheap er than another well-known UK discount dealer. And what's more he has loads of s izes and types (drawers full actually!!). They are the latest type with the scra tch-resistant coating...needless to say I bought it!! I am in no way connected with Robert White, but thought that such a deal needed to be "advertised" to fel lo users of the forum. Best wishes Paul

Scott Walton
11-Feb-2002, 15:29
Your going to love the B+W's... I've been using them for years. Cheers