View Full Version : I can't find old stock photo slides, need help

17-Aug-2011, 03:44
I'm looking for old stock photo slides, negatives, etc..

I can't seem to find anywhere. Would anyone have or know where to get some?

17-Aug-2011, 08:23
What subject matter?

17-Aug-2011, 10:43
Anything from family, romance, city scapes, textures, space, landscapes, flowers, cars, doors, science,fashion, military, space, animals, random models/ gestures, skys, canyons, poses,zoomed in patterns, body parts, food, mysterious areas, abstract pics, horror etc..

Basically a mixed bunch slides that are of a balanced variety of anything stock

Anything typically found in stock sites, photo cds/book, or royalty free found on the search engine on google.com

Want to use on an enlarger and for use with experimental/photo manipulation and possibly graphic design projects and/or slide projection for drawing/illustration ideas.

25-Aug-2011, 11:37
chicago craigslist right now has a dude with 6 trays for sale.....I'm kind of interested to see them myself