View Full Version : The most flexible/best quality bellows?

17-Aug-2011, 03:28
I am interested in changing the standard wista field 45dx bellows with something that is a bit more flexible to allow me to use more movements with a 90mm and wider. Are there companies selling more universal bellows that offer a lot more flexibility? Which bellows would be the most flexible?

Robert Ley
17-Aug-2011, 05:12
Bag Bellows.

17-Aug-2011, 05:23
I know that the Chinese bellows makers have started selling the Universal Bellows. They are priced at around $110.
I use a bag bellows on my Wista RF that is a pleated/bag hybrid, and there are certainly other makers of similar bellows; Arca-Swiss has a really nice-looking piece that is a sort of pleated bag.
A search will yield better results than my brain at 8am

Bob Salomon
17-Aug-2011, 06:12
Is your 90 on a recessed board? The DX bellows is more then flexible enough for a lens shorter then a 90 but you will get more adjustment capability with that lens, and shorter ones, on the recessed board.