View Full Version : Can you help me identify this notch code?

Steven Barker
16-Aug-2011, 17:23
Hi everyone,

I am newbie of this forum... :) As formerly E-6 color darkroom technician for mail-order catalog for many years before I goes into digital world. :(

Anyway, I came across a photo gallery online in which it was taken during World War II on 4"x5" Eastman Kodak color sheet films. Check out this link below and you can see unknown notch codes. Can it tell us what film and process used to process those films? :confused: It could be Process E-2 or E-3??


Thanks! Steven

Jim C.
16-Aug-2011, 18:54
My best google-mated guess is Kodachrome, I think I've seen that picture on Shorpy from WW II collection.

Jim C.
16-Aug-2011, 18:59
Yep, I knew I saw it before.


Steven Barker
16-Aug-2011, 19:11
Jim, Thank for a quick reply! That why I was wondering Why Kodak don't make Kodachrome sheet film since I was born in 1949!