View Full Version : polaroid films for a calumet c400 4x5 camera

fabio pollero
3-Jan-2002, 04:52
Happy 2002 to everybody! I've just completed a restoration of my old c400, some TLC, a new (red) bellows and a cheap used 90 Calumet Caltar Wide Angle lens. I would like to know if and how my camera may fits a polaroid film i.e. which kind of holder I have to look for considering my revolving (but not-removable) camera back.

Thanks to everybody replying!! Ciao Fabio Pollero Savona Italy

3-Jan-2002, 07:10
if your back isn't a graflock international type, then you should try the slip i n style. you have the choice between the old style 545 (metal rigid and heavy), the 545i (lighter and current model) or the 545pro (similar to the 545i with a self timer built in), anyway you should try it before buying. if you buy it in second hand, buy one in mint condition ! the best source for the 545pro is from www.robertwhite.co.uk (95 british pound exclusive vat and postage), but you can't try it !!!

Ted Harris
3-Jan-2002, 11:42
As a quick addenda it is unlikely that the 550 pack back will fit with too many non standard spring load backs but the 405 (which takes less expensive film too) fits many.

3-Jan-2002, 19:39
hi fabio you might also look into getting the grandfather of the 545 / 545i film holders. it is the 500. it takes the same single sheet film, and you can probably find one on ebay for about $20 - 30 us. it doesn't have the "stop" when you pull the darkslide off the film to expose it, but otherwise it is pretty much built like a tank, and will work fine. i have both a 545i and a 500. the 500 was bought as a "spare" so if i was on a job and the 545i stopped working, i would be able to finish my work. now the 545i, is the "spare" and the 500 is the only thing i use ... good luck!