View Full Version : is this a C1 8x10 or an Orbit

15-Aug-2011, 19:35
got my camera today, my question is this, does the orbit actually say orbit? mine has the little red C logo on the front. i know virtualy they are identical, mine is the black aluminum one. im just curious. thanks

Scott Davis
16-Aug-2011, 07:03
The C logo would imply the Calumet. IIRC the Orbit says "Orbit" and the logo is different. I used to have one of the green Calumets and it had the C logo, but I think it also said Calumet on it as well. It's been a while though so I can't say for sure.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
16-Aug-2011, 08:11
The Orbit is labeled Orbit, but that is the only difference.