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15-Aug-2011, 10:27
I just posted two instructional videos on youtube on doing a BTZS paper test to determine the toning time for maximum black when selenium toning:



It's a very simple test to do. The basic procedure is in video #33:


Selenium toning is important for archival processing and increases the density of the darker tones in your print.

This procedure simplifies toning to a time for selenium toning (see the video). Also with modern papers such as Ilford Multigrade IV and Warmtone paper when toning the black will get blacker but there is no color change, so the testing procedure determines the time for toning to produce maximum black.

Any questions, please email me.

Fred Newman

15-Aug-2011, 21:52
Hi Fred,

Great vids... always good to learn something new!



Bill Burk
1-Sep-2011, 08:05
Hi Fred,

Thanks for your great video. Does lost density past the Maximum Black happen because more of the image is formed by Silver Selenide? In other words, does toning longer improve permanence, while toning to Maximum Black provides adequate protection?

2-Sep-2011, 20:20
Hi Bill

The blacks start to turn brown wqhen you overtone - you can especially see this with warm tone papers when they are overtoned. Toning t maximum black should be fine for archival and aesthetic purposes. Thanks for your comments.


3-Sep-2011, 05:26
Selenium toning works starting from the dark tones going up through the light tones, so toning for maximum black leaves the lighter tones untouched.