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15-Aug-2011, 08:59
Has any one used, seen or bought the Sinar precision 4 x 5 single sheetfilm holder # 566.36?

15-Aug-2011, 11:19
No, looks and sounds $$$$$$ and probably not enough better than fidelity holders to justify the price. You can always use removable ATG tape in fidelities if you're having an issue with your film popping.

15-Aug-2011, 11:44
Single sheet filmholder? Does it have a pressure plate or something similar? Sounds interesting.

15-Aug-2011, 14:42
Single sheet filmholder? Does it have a pressure plate or something similar? Sounds interesting.

Yes it has a pressure plate arrangement. Organizing some reference material and came across a 1989 brochure that explains the holder. It also states it has an area for lith film inserts for copyright. I have never seen or heard of anyone who ever used one -- probably due to the Sinar "truckload dollar syndrome". One sheet at a time seems like a buzzkill even for the most patient and ardent craftsman -- then again maybe not. Tolerance at film plane claimed to be plus/minus .03 mm .:D

Drew Wiley
15-Aug-2011, 15:28
The plate applied pressure to the perimeter of the film, but this still didn't prevent
the possibility of minor fluctuation in the center of the film like a vacuum filmholder
would. Sinar never made adhesive holders this small, but only in 5x7 and 8x10. The
adhesive holder was an excellent idea which was savagely overpriced. It was just a
custom-cut sheet of Post-It adhesive applied to an ordinary filmholder with the insertion slots for the film itself cut off. Easy to make yourself using the correct kind of ATG tape. Apparently with the smaller size of 4x5 they didn't want to deal with the
possibility of having to make the miniscule focus correction of the tape itself, so tried
to market the hinged pressure plate rig. I've never seen one in use either, or even
heard of anyone who purchased one.

16-Aug-2011, 01:59
Hello !
Linhof had film holder with a pressure plate. As I own a couple in 9x12 cm (the European version of 4"x5").
They are double film holders, with levers to extract the sheet film. The only difference from "standard" film holder is that they are thicker (near the thickness of a Grafmatic)
I do not know if they where made in other format.