View Full Version : check out THIS incredibly cool photo

chris jordan
2-Jan-2002, 17:02
This guy is an amateur astronomer who took nighttime 35mm photos from numerous p laces around the world and pieced them together using some very sophisticated ma thematical mapping to take lens distortion into account, and ended up with a hig h-resolution photograph of the milky way that looks like it was taken with a pan oramic camera from space. Click on the "virtual reality" version on his site, a nd you can zoom around in the image. VERY cool stuff.


Mike Mahoney
2-Jan-2002, 17:46
Now that's something you don't see everyday. A lot of work went into producing this.

Scott Walton
3-Jan-2002, 10:06
Nice stuff Chris! Have him go to www.space.com and see if they will display them also.