View Full Version : What to do with a sad 210/5.6 Symmar?

14-Aug-2011, 05:41
I got a 210/5.6 Symmar with a camera purchase; sadly the lens has a 1mm scratch on the rear element, a couple of filter-thread dings+crossthreading and the shutter (Copal 1) does not work at the slow speeds (1, 1/2, 1/4). It's had a hell of a hard life at a school.

Given that I also have a 240/5.6 Symmar in excellent condition and don't really need this, what should I do with it? It's probably not worth anything to anyone in its current state but it seems silly to just have it sit on the shelf or in the bin.

Assuming I'm quite mechanically-minded, is it feasible to repair the shutter myself and try to sell it? Or just sell it as-is with known faults? Any other suggestions? Suggestions for donation?

14-Aug-2011, 07:26
The 1mm scratch is probably not a big deal. Worst case, fill it in with Sharpie. I don't know about trying a class on a cloak shutter but it would be worth the $60 or so to have it done by someone like Carol Miller. If you don't want it post it on the board- I'd bet it sells.


Jerry Bodine
14-Aug-2011, 12:11
Advertise it on this forum, for sale as-is. Likely someone will want it. He/she may smear some vaseline on it to create some swirly bokeh and just ignore the scratch. :D

14-Aug-2011, 12:24
Just saw my previous post. Blame the autocorrect on my "smart"phone. That should have been "CLA on a copal "


14-Aug-2011, 12:57
Sell it to me. I will cla my second shutter. Pm me if u want to move it. I will buy it just to see what's inside and for the challenge to fix it

14-Aug-2011, 13:00
Also I forgot to mention I have a new front and rear cell for this shutter picked them up last week.

14-Aug-2011, 16:40
Thanks all for the replies; I'm going to take up an offer of instruction on shutter CLA from a local. I'll probably test it and list it here once it's running better.

E. von Hoegh
15-Aug-2011, 07:40
A 1mm scratch won't do anything if you black it out. 11 or 12 years ago I picked up a 9 1/2" Dagor in Compound for $40 at a camera show beacuse it had a really nasty looking 1/4" scratch right about in the center of the rear surface. I filled the scratch with black India ink, and the lens performs every bit as well as the 9 1/2" Dagor in barrel with flawless glass that I have.

Tony Karnezis
15-Aug-2011, 08:11
As others have said, a 1mm scratch is generally nothing to worry about.

To illustrate the point, here's a lens with "just a flesh wound."


The slower shutter speeds can be timed fairly accurately on B or using a dark slide/lens cap. Some of us just use rectangular filters held by hand, so the filter threads won't matter to many people either. Both issues are minor repairs which don't cost much for either you or the buyer to address. A CLA may get you a wider range of potential buyers. Whatever you do, just price it accordingly and plenty of people will want it.

Tony Karnezis
15-Aug-2011, 08:18
Alternatively, just sell the 240/5.6 since it's in better shape. Are we talking 4x5 or 8x10? The 240 is overkill (size, weight, image circle, balance on the camera) to me for 4x5. YMMV.

15-Aug-2011, 09:21
You could bring the lens to Prague, I could be able to take care of it :)