View Full Version : Lenses: advice please

Stephen Vaughan
5-Feb-2002, 07:36
Can anybody out there give me advice regarding a couple of lenses I've seen for sale? I haven't seen them yet but am told they are in good condition.....

They are, a '203 f7.7 Ektar/Prontor SVS' and a '127 f4.7 Ektar'.

I am shooting on 10x8.

Thanks and best wishes.......

Robert A. Zeichner
5-Feb-2002, 08:28
While both are good lenses, neither will cover 8x10 (at least at infinity). The 203 f7.7 is an outstanding lens and will cover 5x7. I suspect the 127 might only work on 4x5. These focal lengths are going to be moderately to fairly wide on 8x10. If by chance you are looking for more of a normal lens, you might try something in the 240 to 300mm range. This would be equivalent to a 120 to 150mm on 4x5. Hope that helps.

Kevin Crisp
5-Feb-2002, 11:22
Stephen: Robert is right. The 203mm Ektar has essentially modern -- excellent performance -- and it is a great lens for 4X5, and covers 5X7 with some (not much) room for movement. The 127mm Ektar was never intended for 4X5, it is a remarkable lens which covers that format, just barely, but with very decent sharpness. Neither of the lens has a prayer of covering 8X10 assuming you're not shooting macro. The 203 Ektar as sold in the UK came in the Prontor shutter. It can be a trying combination and it is difficult to adjust the aperture with that mounting. I have to stick a pen aroound obstructions to push a little ledge to change stops, at least on mine. Some repairpersons will tell you the older lower end Prontors just aren't worth trying to fix. If you pick up the 203 try it with the Supermatic shutter.