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12-Aug-2011, 18:52
I found a local fabricator who is going to make an adapter so I can use my c.1890s E&HT Anthony wide angle RR in a Copal 1 shutter for $40. I won't have to endure the derision of my wife when I duct tape the lens into the shutter any more! I'm now thinking of adapting another shutter to one of my two Petzvals, a 5 inch Darlot or 6 inch Derogy. Instead of mounting it on the rear, I had a thought of mounting it between the lens and the lens hood, using the threads on both. Has anyone ever done this? Would it work? I'm thinking that while a rear mounted shutter might have less vibration, mounting it on the front might work just as well as the lenses have a fair amount of mass.

Kent in SD

13-Aug-2011, 08:59
Have I once again stumped everyone, as I did with my questions on how to mount a roller blind shutter? :D

Kent in SD

E. von Hoegh
13-Aug-2011, 09:19
Nothing wrong with a front mounted shutter.
The vibration factor will depend on how well damped your front standard is, and yes it will likely be worse. Depends on your camera.