View Full Version : Will a Rodagon-50mm/F2.8 lens fit on Schneider Unifoc-56mm focus adapter ?

12-Aug-2011, 01:19
Hello everyone,

it's been longtime since i posted here, i have a small copy-stand setup where in i'm trying to capture old printed material (A3). With my present setup camera is placed at 1meter distance to cover A3 paper and i would like to get the camera much closer say .6 meter or less


16megapixel camera 43.3mm
Schneider componon-s 80mm/f4 with unifoc-56 + camera mount adapter
led lighting placed 45deg to table.

the reason for this change is my present lighting system is barely sufficient and i cannot use higher power lights ! so i thought a closer camera might be better!

please help !


Bob Salomon
12-Aug-2011, 03:35
Yes but the tube is too long since it is set-up for a longer lens. I don't know how your adapter adjust for different focal lengths. The Rodenstock Modular Focus helical tube is 25mm long when at its shortest extersion and Rodenstock offers 25mm long extension tubes that attach between the back of the lenss and the Modular Focus so you can tailor the helical tube to the magnification and focal length you want to use.