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10-Aug-2011, 23:36
I have a Ernemann Klapp. It came with a bunch of older metal glass plate holders, but no focusing screen, and a weird adapter back thing...

Does anybody have a 'modern' 9x12 film holder to hand please?

I'd like to know the external dimensions before I look for any, to see if it's a viable modification.

All I need is length and width. Thanks.

11-Aug-2011, 00:15
Hi Ash

I've got a 9x12cm VN Press camera which uses metal single plate holders - there's a hinged back which opens to insert the plate holder, and I'd be interested to hear if it's similar to your camera as I'm (slowly) in the process of getting it to work again.



11-Aug-2011, 01:17
A modern 9x12 holder is exactly the same outside dimensions as a 5x4 DDS, with a modern international back they are interchangable, only the internal parts differ.

Ash, you might be able to find a 9x12 film pack hoder and adapt it to make a focus screen holder/hood.

Can you let me see whta you're plate holders are like and the dimension, I may have a filmpack holder but if not they sell very cheaply on ebay as they are useless with no films packs available :D


11-Aug-2011, 09:15
Hi Matt. Near identical to yours, same kinda hinging. Ian that would be good, I need to get some kind of focus screen in the back. Ash

11-Aug-2011, 12:16
Hi Matt. Near identical to yours, same kinda hinging. Ian that would be good, I need to get some kind of focus screen in the back. Ash

I checked earlier Ash, both my film pack holders are Kodak, so based on a Thornton Patent, one's Quarter olate the other 5x4 Graflex. Neither would fit a 9x12, the Quarter plate is for a book form ype camera bacl and a thicker register.

There's a few film pack holders on ebay but from the US and wanting far too high postage in addition to the price. If you find a pack holder I have plenty of screens that would fit easily.

What edge are the 9x12 plate holders, flat, or with a ridge. This bit is quite critical.


Steven Tribe
11-Aug-2011, 12:31
I have a couple of unwanted film pack holders for 9x12 deutsches kamera. Even an extra back with GG intact.
No, I didn't buy them - they came with other items!
Need to know the style you need.
Photos would help - or have I missed a link?

11-Aug-2011, 12:55
Hi Steven, I'll definitely buy the back with GG from you if nothing else. I can adapt it.

Pics up in a few minutes.

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11-Aug-2011, 13:09




11-Aug-2011, 13:18
That looks like a modified film pack holder, I recognise the catch etc. You could easily add a screen in a simple holder & hood.


11-Aug-2011, 13:31
I'm hoping to make an adapter that is a much smaller and slimmer alternative based on the normal quarter-plate back I have. This modified holder adds another 50% (nearly) to the width of the camera and is cumbersome.

Hope that if Steve can help me with a screen I'll just make a low profile alternative to lock in the plate holders, then make some sheaths for the holders. I may still use the adapter thing it came with, but it's no good for composition and checking focus.

Plan A was to remove the back and replace it with a 5x4. There's a screw I can't get out so that's a no-go.

Plan B is make something work with the metal 9x12 holders.

11-Aug-2011, 14:21
I have that Voigtlander Avus 9x12 for sale, and it has three plate holders that are only 4mm thick. If you buy the camera, maybe the holders would work on both.

11-Aug-2011, 14:24
Thanks for the HU Garrett. I'd seen your camera. Thing is this one came with 10 metal (rusty) 9x12 holders and I can't afford to buy another 9x12 until I make this one useful!

Steven Tribe
11-Aug-2011, 15:06
I think it is a very early film pack. They simplified the opening mechanism etc. later.
Will search for the extra 9x12 back tomorrow.
The back system is a non-standard type where you have a large middle piece of the top edge missiing so that the GG back/plates can be installed by locating the bottom edge and you don't have to slide the plate holder in the whole width of camera - rather like most book holder types.

12-Aug-2011, 01:07
More thoughts Ash someone already made that adaptor out of a Kodak film pack to allow the camera to take more common German 9x12 metal plate holders.

I could cut you a screen to fit, you jus need to make two side cutrtains and you have a hood.


Steven Tribe
12-Aug-2011, 02:24
These two are on their way for Ash to try out.

12-Aug-2011, 02:33
Hi Ian, once I get the bits from Steven I'll message you the dimensions for the glass if that's okay? Thanks.

12-Aug-2011, 04:03
As far as I know from smaller format Ernemanns, they employed a proprietary rapid-switch back and holder system incompatible with any of the regular "Falz" type holders. What you have there already looks like a Ernemann back to Normalfalz holder adapter.

12-Aug-2011, 04:45
I have a later Ernemann 9x12 camera that takes normal plate holders, actaulally the same fit as my Orion Werks and Patent Etui's.

Ash's camera looks like it takes much older wooden holders with a much deeper register, rather similar to a British wooden quarter plate camera's book form holders.

I have a Quarter plate Thornton Pickard brand (Kodak sticker on the inside) Film pack holder that looks remarkably similar to Ash's adapter and these are ideal to make conversion backs