View Full Version : Arca-Swiss 6X9 movements

Mark Windom
4-Feb-2002, 00:28
I apologize in advance for what to many may seem like a couple of dumb questions but here goes anyway:

With the Orbix and using axial tilts on the A-S 69 FC metric I have read that ad ditional movements are necessary when using tilt and rise together. Could someo ne please explain what and why?

Are additional movements needed when using lenses wider than 75. In other words , with the shorter focal length lenses are the standards thrown out of vertical relative to one another so that the front standard needs to be tilted back (and raised?) when using these lenses?


Thilo Schmid
4-Feb-2002, 04:18

The Orbix move is a segment from a circle of a certain size. As long as the center of the lens lies in the center of this circle, tilt will not change your focus (the distance between the center of the lens and the back remains fixed). This is independent of the focal length.

If you apply front shift prior or after tilt, the lens moves relative to back and the focus plane shifts away. So you better use rear shift in this case.


Glenn Kroeger
4-Feb-2002, 04:59

If you use front rise, the center of the lens moves away from the center of tilt rotation, so the focus will shift as tilt changes.