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Herb Cunningham
9-Aug-2011, 08:05
I shoot 90% b/w and have my own darkroom. I shoot some slide and print color, however, and need a good lab for that. My local lab has gotten so I cannot rely on their quality control- last slides I got were loaded with spots.

I am in NC so somewhere in the Southeast would be a good choice.


Frank Petronio
9-Aug-2011, 08:27
http://www.4photolab.com/ Edgar Praus gets a lot of mail order work for good reason ;-)

9-Aug-2011, 10:33
Allied Photocolor in St. Louis remains a great lab in spite of the now unreliable schedule for E-6 processing (quality remains outstanding). Very comprehensive services and outstanding communication.

For E-6, I am now using Denver Digital Imaging with complete satisfaction so far. They run E-6 twice daily so for my commercial needs, they win that scheduling race.

9-Aug-2011, 14:26
Dodge Chrome in Silver Spring, Maryland (just north of Washington DC) at www.dodgechrome.com

Top-notch full-service commercial lab. They do can everything/anything you want.

- Leigh

10-Aug-2011, 03:39
I guess , Praus Production is a good option.

10-Aug-2011, 07:26
AgX Imaging is Great for E-6.