View Full Version : Copal Shutter--What Size Hole

Ross Schuler
28-Dec-2001, 16:18
I would like to know what size hole is a Copal shutter. I have seen several lens es advertised copal shutter is this #0 or is there a size copal? Any help will be appreciated

Steve Grimes.
28-Dec-2001, 16:29
34.7mm See:This page about Copal number hole sizes (http://www.skgrimes.com/lensmount/shutmt/index.htm)


Bob Salomon
28-Dec-2001, 17:30
What size hole to mount it on a lensboard? 34.8mm per Rodenstock.

Or do you need to know what size threads into the shutter? 32,5 x o,5mm per Rodenstock.